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Woodholder - Terms of Condition


Instructions for use


  • Make sure you assemble the Woodholder correctly before using it.
  • The clip of the Woodholder needs to be adjusted to the diameter of the tree trunk.
  • The Woodholder may only be used for sawing wood.
  • Make sure you take precautionary measures concerning the stability of the Woodholder on the floor.
  • Use protective goggles when you use the Woodholder for sawing wood.
  • The Woodholder is not developed for being used by children.
  • BEAM Inventions is not liable for any damages.
  • Do only use the Woodholder in accordance with these instructions



Over de Woodholder as a product


  • The general terms and conditions have been deposited at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Please do not change the colour of the Woodholder due to safety precautions.




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