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Candlepads™ - Terms of Condition




  • Read the enclosed Instructions for use before using Candlepads.
  • Do not use Candlepads twice.
  • Do only use a Candlepad in combination with a candle and candlestick.
  • Do not remove the Candlepadsí silver layer of foil.
  • The silver layer of foil must be up.
  • The silver layer of foil must be in contact with the candle.
  • When you place the candle on the Candlepad the silver layer of foil needs to enclose the candle.
  • Put the candle out in time.
  • This product can not be used for consumption.
  • Do not use damaged Candlepads.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • BEAM INVENTIONS can not be held responsible.
  • For safety reasons only to be used in accordance with the Instructions for use.



Candlepads™ as a product


  • The general terms and conditions have been deposited at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Violation of the patent is prohibited by law.




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